Wintery Weather Keeping Auto Repair Shops Hopping

As the East Coast prepares to get hammered by yet another snowstorm this winter, auto repair shops are gearing up for the next round of heavy business. With heavy snowfalls hitting both the east and west portions of the nation in December, auto body shops have been keeping extra busy this cold weather season.

For instance, Fox 31 News out of Denver, Colorado reported, “Snow, cold great for Front Range auto repair businesses.” In the Mile High City, local auto repair shops know to steel themselves for “a steady flow of business” as soon as the temperature starts plummeting. One of the main reasons they’re so busy in the winter is that drivers head out with sub-par tires. When snow and ice coat the roadways, poor tire treads tend to cause vehicles to “go spinning out of control and cause accidents.”

This same scene was repeating itself across the country in Greenville, North Carolina, where News 14 Carolina reported, “Auto repair shops busy after wintry weather conditions.” What types of vehicle damages were they witnessing? Fender benders, spin-outs and multi-car pileups on slippery roadways were leading to plenty of dings and dents. Fortunately, however, most of the necessary car repairs resulting from slick road conditions were light ones. Auto repair technicians point out that this means that such damages can usually be quickly and easily fixed.

One auto body repair expert explained, “People have slid into curbs. So they have damage to their wheels and suspension. They are light repairs and pretty quick and easy for us.” But before heading straightaway to a car repair shop, drivers should keep a few things in mind.

  1. Realize that you’re not the auto body shop’s only customer. Yes, the technicians can repair your vehicle quickly and easily, but they may have several clients in front of you. Just as the meteorologists advise practicing patience on the wintery roadways, patience is a virtue in the repair shop as well.
  2. Check in with your insurance company before you take your car in for repairs. Chances are the damage will be covered, but you’ll want to know what your out-of-pocket expenses will be before you’re faced with an unexpected bill. Usually once you meet your deductible (typically $250 or $500), the rest of the repair work is covered in full. Inform your insurance agency of the incident and, and ask them to give you a claim number.
  3. In most states, you are not obligated to get multiple estimates before taking your car in for repair. That means you can select the auto body shop of your choosing. If that’s the case in your state, select a company that has a reputation for being a leader in quality collision repair.
  4. If you’re going to require a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired, look for an auto repair shop that has a rental car service on its premises. Such shops can often offer you very competitive discounts on your short-term alternate transportation needs.

4 Most Important Points to Consider While Finding a New Auto Repair Shop

Whoever owns a car has always a trusted auto repair shop in his/her locality. However, when someone moves to a new city, he needs to find everything from scratch. Just like you need to find a new house, a new telephone connection, and a new doctor, you should also find a trusted auto services center that can help you in maintaining your vehicle. Looking for an auto shop near your new house right in the beginning will give you ample time to search and find out the best and will make it easier for you to deal with car problems in emergency situations. Given below are few tips that will make it easier for you to find a good and trusted automobile shop:

Visit Different Shops and Check their Equipment
You can make an online search and quickly find out the list of these shops located in your vicinity. You can then shortlist a few and visit them. Make sure that the auto technicians are using advanced equipment needed to diagnose problems with modern day vehicles. If you find it difficult to determine the quality of equipment they are using, feel free to ask. Even though you are not much knowledgeable about different types of vehicle equipment, you can still get an idea.

Inquire About their Rates and Services
While you are visiting the shop, look around to check if they are clean and organized. You can inquire about their hourly rates, prices of replacement parts, quality of repairs made, fair shop rates, etc. You can also ask customers present there about their experiences in using the services of the auto shop. Don’t forget to ask the customers about their consistent quality service and customer care department

Check their Certifications
Certifications are given to auto technicians only after they pass a rigorous review process. Therefore, a certified auto repair shop is always better than non-certified ones. Check if the shop has any certifications from car manufacturers.

Check for Complaints with BBB
You can check with the local Better Business Bureau to ensure that no complaints are filed against the repair shop. Whether the repair shops are part of BBB or not, they can still have complaints about the shop and their services.

It is important to take care of the above mentioned points and search for the right auto center in the new city. Even though it may take time, but a little patience and some effort will help you find the right auto repair shop much before you need it.

Finding a Quality Auto Repair Shop

Everybody knows how costly auto repair bills can be. Knowing full well the prices that you pay for services required, it is important to choose a repair shop that provides you with top of the line quality services for the prices paid. Automobiles require regular scheduled maintenance, but as we all know, there is that unsuspecting breakdown that results in repairs that can only be done by the trained and experienced technicians at the vehicle repair shop.

When you are in need of auto repairs, whether routine maintenance or emergency service, it is imperative that you seek out a repair shop that is both reliable and trusting and employs competent and highly trained technicians. Choosing the perfect repair facility can indeed be very challenging. Here are some helpful guidelines for assisting you in your search.

1. Ask family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations;

2. Search the net for businesses and read reviews and feedback provided. Also if they have a Facebook page, visit their page because you can learn a lot about the business and other people’s experiences with the facility;

3. Be certain that the shop works on your vehicle make and model and is familiar with the type of repairs you need;

4. Look for signs of their technician competence in the customer area where certificates, ASE certifications, and trade school diplomas are typically displayed;

5. Research to see if the business has any maintenance service awards, customer service awards, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau;

6. Be certain that the repair shop’s labor rates, their fees for testing and performing diagnostic work, accepted methods of payment, and their service guarantees are all posted and readily available for viewing in the front office or the waiting area;

7. Start your relationship with the facility with a smaller job, perhaps an oil change to experience the efficiency of the work, the friendliness of the staff, and the overall quality of services rendered for the price. If you find you are satisfied and have received the best services at the best prices, then indeed you can bring all your repair needs, regardless of how simple or complex, to your newly found auto repair shop of choice.

Everything nowadays is so costly and surely, car repairs rank at the top of the list of unsuspecting expenses. Finding a professional and highly reputable auto repair shop affords you not only the appropriate services required but the confidence needed to know that the work will be performed to industry standards at fair and acceptable prices and that your vehicle is in the good hands of trained auto technicians.

If ever you experience car problems when traveling, reach out to the Better Business Bureau and inquire about vehicle repair facilities in your location. For those traveling to or residing in Houston, TX, that have a need for auto repairs, you can be assured of quality services, state of the art equipment, friendly staff members, and reasonable prices at Santa Ana Auto Care & Repair.